Just over a year ago, I returned to Europe after 23 years in the US, with my husband and our 5 pets. Follow our struggle to get back on our feet, and the battle of bureaucracy, while finding adventure locally as we meander through beautiful landscapes and ancient history in stolen moments!

Riding the Wave between Creativity and Income

Being a creative entrepreneur is a much more complex nut to crack than I ever thought. I’m learning this gig as I go, and like the start of any new job, there’s a definite learning curve. It’s the most interesting, and the most challenging work I’ve ever done. Here’s the harsh truth: the first six months I sucked at it and even worse for my usual autodidact self to accept, was that while I could see my growth, I was not navigating the learning curve effectively.

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First Year in France

It’s been a while since my last post and in fact, it’s long whiles between posts now. The reason for this is that I prefer to be too busy writing, than to write blog posts. Is that wrong? To be honest, I was exhausted powering through all that needs to be learned and all that is required for the launch of my novel and actually, given the choice, I’d prefer to grab my notebooks and sit under a tree somewhere, or find a quiet beach. Or maybe just sleep. For two months.

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In the Echoes of History

In our first six months in the Vendee, we lived near a beautiful abbey called the Prieurie de Grammont. Sitting like a romantic cube in a vast stretch of farmland, the abbey is built of stacked golden sandstone and oozes an air of mystery in the off-season. I was enamored with the idea of being inside. The abbey sent my writer’s imagination in two very different places. One, a sleepy warm afternoon in which the abbey is bathed in sunlight, with high atop the red shingle roof, pigeons, cooing over a few monks walking, or sitting, a murmured prayer on their lips.

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Why French Onion Soup

is unexpected to Americans… Let’s get one thing straight. The salty, cheesy onion soup served up in U.S. restaurants and deemed French is anything but. It’s too salty, too dark in color, and too cheesy. The difference in culture and cuisine between methods for making this delicious soup is so severe, it ought to have different names. So today I’d like to invite you to my kitchen. I’ll show you how to make French Onion Soup, and explain why it’s so different from the States. Ready?

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All-Abroad! was my journey in March 2015. Preparing your dogs and cats for a move overseas can be expensive and stressful. Of course there is information available online, however none will actually help you to organize the ordeal! This pdf (and soon-to-be-released book) is what you need to accomplish your pets’ overseas move. It features to-do lists, milestones, and tips for your budget. Brace yourself!
If you’ve ever looked at the Paris Metro map, you were probably a little intimidated. Paris is a lovely but sprawling city, and the metro system is HUGE. It’s best to inform yourself before you get on the plane! There are websites that explain it, though none as concise as my free pdf! Everything you need to know about the Paris Metro is here, with safety tips, ticket options, and metro etiquette. Enjoy!

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Welcome to the breathtaking coastline of the English Channel, and to Blackwell-on-Sea, a small village in the shadows of a castle and with a popular pub called The Wicked Mule at its beating heart. Take a stroll through time, pain, love, joy, friendship, laughter, music, and new beginnings… and meet Blackwell’s newest shopkeeper, Katherine, a young woman who handles a needle and thread as well as she plays classical piano, who embroiders freehand medieval style, and plays guitar like nobody’s business. Will she be able to find its Rhythms?

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