Global Christmas Reality

Aren’t you a little worried about how things are unfolding in the world?

Please, fight for world peace in even the smallest ways possible. Consider a donation to Unicef or Doctors Without Borders or other organizations who work so hard every day to help people fleeing that terrible group who want to take away our right to freedom everywhere in the world, by committing genocide, destroying our culture and history, and by raping women and young girls to create an army that is bottle-fed that ideology from the cradle, not because they’re keen on having a family.

The situation is very complex. History will show that a declaration of “war” or “third world war” has nothing to do with it. It is more than time to understand that we must do what we can. It would be nice when we are around the Christmas tree to open presents this year, to give more than just a thought and a prayer for peace and for the people who suffer in leaving their country and life.

When religious leaders such as the Pope and the Dalai Lama come out and say that prayer is good, but it’s not going to solve the problem, that you have to do something more … we’d hope that those statements be taken very seriously. Winter is coming, there are the elderly and children. Babies are born on the side of the road. They need food, blankets, medical supplies, tents, sleeping bags, toys, school supplies, water and firewood. A donation is quickly made or a box is easy to take to the Red Cross.

Or, if you live on the European continent, visit the refugee camps and bring some relief and support to the volunteers caring for the thousands living in squalor.

The real issue is to accept the refugees in any country in the world to begin with. That there are terrorists among them and that there are dormant cells waiting to cause carnage among us, is a reality and a risk that we have to take in the interest of humanity, and our own moral values.

We must not forget WORLD WAR II. The arms of many in South -and North America, and Australia were open for the mass exodus from Europe.

Sorry to have to be a zit on your Christmas, but this is our global reality. The only way to eradicate Deash, is to close each other in the arms in all corners of the world, through dialogue, friendly co-existence, and to show that their ideology is not welcome with normal people of any religion and nationality.

The Jordanian Queen Rania al-Abdullah has explained the reality better than any journalists and politicians put together. She said: “Jordan is one of the poorest countries in the world. As a country we have no food sources, hardly any sources of income, or the means to support our own people. Economically we cannot afford to accept refugees. But if you know those people face three choices: annihilation; or living in terrible oppressive conditions; or to run away; then you know as a country you should look in your own heart and ask, do we open the borders to allow our fellow human beings to safety, or do you turn your back? As a country, and as a human being, which moral values do you want to live by? “(for information: Jordan has already accepted 1.4 million refugees, on a population of only 8 million.)

My husband and I hate discrimination and intolerance anyway. Such sentiments are not welcome around our hearth. Whether you want to hear or know it or not, we will this Christmas, and all Christmases, and each day that it’s needed, to be a voice for peace, for tolerance, for compassion, for mutual integration, and against racism and discrimination. But it’s the words of Rania that have caused us to really think. We can’t even begin to imagine having to submit to people smugglers, travel on foot for thousands of kilometers with my mother, only to get on a flimsy dingy and then walk some more, only to be treated with more disrespect.

We came to the conclusion that that we can learn a thing or two from people with such strength and resilience and that, were the shoe on the foot of our family, friends, and loved ones, we would appreciate the help and a compassionate embrace.

FOR PEACE & TOLERANCE and with our very Best Wishes to you and yours!
Mr & Mrs PostExpat

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