Lower Normandy Countryside

The definition of a dérive (drift in English), according to Wikipedia, is an unplanned journey through an (urban) landscape on which the subtle aesthetic contours of the surrounding architecture and geography subconsciously direct the travelers, with the ultimate goal of encountering an entirely new and authentic experience. It describes our way of traveling to perfection. In urban cities the only transportation you need is your own two legs and maybe a bus, tram or metro. In the countryside you need your feet, a bike or a bus schedule. Or a car. Visiting Normandy even for a short stay, renting a car is definitely the way to go. The main providers are located in the city of Caen, just across the street from the railway station. This will allow you to go on little adventures discovery, dérives, that will bring surprises around every corner. Because in addition to planned sightseeing, isn’t surprise and adventure what takes a … Read More